Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Baker County Fair Dates

The 2012 Baker County Fair will be Friday, October 5 through Saturday, October 13. There will be a Pre Opening Fair night on Thursday, October 4 with Professional Wrestling and All the rides for one price entry. We are looking forward to a great fair this year, so start planning now.

Horticulure entry directions

For your convenience, exhibitor entry forms may be filled out in advance which helps reduce your wait time during drop-off when filled out correctly.  Please follow the guidelines below closely when completing the entry form.
1.      Exhibitor Information:  Please enter your name, address and phone number only.

2.      List the plants you wish to show in the table under “Exhibit”. 
a.      For each plant, write the common name and scientific name in the space provided.
b.      If the scientific name is unknown, please leave space within the box so that clerks may write it in upon delivery to the fairgrounds.

3.      Leave all other areas blank.  Clerks will complete the form during check-in.

Booth Application

DATE: ______________________         
NAME: _____________________________________________________________
BUSINESS NAME: _____________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________
PHONE:____________________ CELL:_______________________ FAX:_____________________
EMAIL:_________________________________ SALES TAX NO.______________________
TYPE OF BUSINESS/BOOTH:________________________________________________
TYPE OF PRODUCTS: ______________________________________________________________
SPECIAL NEEDS: ________________________________________________________________
COMMENTS: ________________________________________________________________
Amount is $100 per booth. Amount is due and paid in full by the August 31st deadline or space will be forfeited. Please make rent checks
payable to: Baker County Fair Association, P.O. Box 492, Macclenny, Fl 32063
Contact Person: Christine Tyson at 259-3344

Booth Rules

Exhibits - Baker County Fair Rules and Regulations
Set-up days are Saturday, September 29 through Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm, except Sunday, September 30 and the hours will be from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm. All exhibits must be in place no later than Tuesday, October 2, 2012. No exceptions will be
made!!! All space not occupied at that time will revert to the fair and all payment will be forfeited.
All exhibits and goods must be unpacked immediately upon arrival and empty cases removed by and at the expense of the exhibitors and concessionaires, who shall pay all expenses of same to conform to the uniform plan of the fair.
Electric lighting and wiring of every description shall be installed at the expense of the exhibitor and under the supervision of the Fair management.
All exhibitors or concessionaires must furnish their own electric light bulbs.
During the operation of the Fair, deliveries by truck on the grounds may be made up to 4:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
No delivery or automobile parking space will be issued to any exhibitor or concessionaire under this contract.
All exhibits must remain intact until 11:00 p.m. Saturday, October 13, 2012. The grounds will be open Sunday, October 14 at 2 p.m. till 5:00 p.m. and Monday, October 15 from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. for exhibit pickup.
Aisles must be clear. No signs, banners, advertising matter, decoration, or parts of the exhibit will be permitted in the aisles.
Background draperies and side curtains will be provided by the Fair Assoc. for all middles aisle spaces. Side curtains will be provided for the wall booths. Side walls must not be any taller than the side curtains already provided.
All decorations must be fireproof and subject to the approval of the management.
Machinery in motion must be enclosed in a railing at a uniform height from the ground or floor of two feet six inches. Side railing must be placed upon or within the boundary of space occupied by the exhibitor.
Each booth participant will be provided and 8ft by 8 ft space with an electrical outlet (if needed) and two chairs.
No claims for injury to any person, or injury to, or loss of property on account of fire and theft, for any cause shall ever be instituted against the Baker County Fair Association,
Inc., its officers, or agents by or on behalf of any person, firm or corporation having a license of privilege to exhibit on the Baker Co. Fair Grounds or in the building.
In case any exhibitor or exhibitors, or concessionaires, shall at any time be indebted to the Baker County Fair Assoc., Inc. the corporation shall have the right to retain possession
of all property of any exhibitor or exhibitors or concessionaires, located in the Baker Co. Fair Grounds, and sell and dispose of, either public or private sale, all or any part that may be necessary to pay the indebtedness due the corporation.
The exhibitor or concessionaire will not be permitted to sublet any part of the space herein leased, or to exhibit therein any article other than those manufactured by himself and specified in this contract.
Exhibitors can sell and may advertise and distribute literature and advertising matter from their booths only. Each exhibitor will furnish their sales tax ID. No. with the application.
No speaking devices will be allowed in the building.
I understand this contract does not give me any exclusive rights on my product unless specified in the contract.
Signs painted or printed in or on front of booths must be confined to the firm or individual’s name to whom space is sold.
The management reserves the right to remove form the grounds any articles, exhibits, show or concession, or any part thereof, or any appurtenances thereof, including
banners, signs, or advertising matter which may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable, and no refund of any money already paid for space or privilege will be made, which action shall exonerate the management from any and all claims whatsoever on the part of the exhibitor or concessionaire.

Baked Goods

Specific Rules: All canned foods should be of good quality in clean standard canning jars. U.S.D.A. guidelines must be followed as to proper canning methods. (No mayonnaise type
jars or rusty lids allowed and all rings must be removed.) A label stating name of product and date of canning should be placed on the bottom of the jar. The recipe, including procedure,
must be included in order to be judged. Call the Baker County Extension Office at 259-3520 with any questions.
Premiums for Ribbons
Blue $3 Red $2 White $1 Best of Class $4 Best of Show $5

Class I Vegetables             C lass III Pickles                C lass VI Jellies
Lot 1 Bean                            Lot 1 Bread & Butter            Lot 1 Apple
Lot 2 Beets                            Lot 2 Cucumber                  Lot 2 Berry
Lot 3 Corn                             Lot 3 Dills                             Lot 3 Citrus
Lot 4 Greens                        Lot 4 Fruits                           Lot 4 Peach
Lot 5 Okra                             Lot 5 Vegetables                                Lot 5 Pear
Lot 6 Peas                            Lot 6 Peppers                      Lot 6 Fig
Lot 7 Potatoes                      Lot 7 Sweet                          Lot 7 Grape
Lot 8 Squash                        Lot 8 Squash                       Lot 8 Mayhaw/Plum
Lot 9 Tomatoes                    Lot 9 Green Tomatoes      Lot 9 Vegetable
Lot 10 Soup Mix                   Lot 10 Misc.                         Lot 10 Strawberry
Lot 11 Misc.                          Lot 11 Misc.
Lot 12 Carrots

Class II Fruits                       C lass IV                               C lass VII Miscellaneous
Lot 1 Apples                         Lot 1 Corn                            Lot 1 Juices
Lot 2 Berries                          Lot 2 Cucumber                  Lot 2 Honey & Syrup
Lot 3 Figs                              Lot 3 Fruit                             Lot 3 Sauces
Lot 4 Peaches                      Lot 4 Vegetables                                Lot 4 Barbeque
Lot 5 Pears                           Lot 5 Misc.
Lot 6 Plums
Lot 7 Citrus                           Class V Jams,                    Preserves, Butters
Lot 8 Grapes                        Lot 1 Berries                        Lot 5 Peach
Lot 9 Strawberries                Lot 2 Citrus                          Lot 6 Strawberry
Lot 10 Spiced Fruit               Lot 3 Fig                               Lot 7 Vegetable
Lot 11 Misc.                           Lot 4 Pear                            Lot 8 Misc.

Specific Rules: All items must be labeled and recipes attached. recipes are required in order to be judged. Foods must be entered on a non -returnable
disposable base. No mixes or commercial products can be used unless they are used as a base for the particular recipe.
Premiums for Ribbons
Blue $3 Red $2 White $1 Best of Class $4 Best of Show $5

Class I Cakes                                      Class III Candies (1/2 dozen)                           Class V Pies
Lot 1 Angel Food                                                 Lot 1 Bon Bons                                                    Lot 1 Chiffon
Lot 2 Carrot/Spice                               Lot 2 Brittles                                                         Lot 2 Cream
Lot 3 Chiffon or Sponge                     Lot 3 Crystallized Fruits                                       Lot 3 Custard
Lot 4 Chocolate or Devil ‘s Food       Lot 4 Divinity                                                        Lot 4 Fruit
Lot 5 Coconut                                       Lot 5 Fudge (Chocolate)                                   Lot 5 Lemon/Lime
Lot 6 Cheese                                       Lot 6 Fudge (Peanut Butter)                             Lot 6 Nut
Lot 7 Cup Cakes-any flavor, ½ doz   Lot 7 Fudge (variety)                                            Lot 7 Vegetable
Lot 8 German Chocolate                   Lot 8 Miscellaneous                                          Lot 8 Miscellaneous
Lot 9 Nut Layer
Lot 10 White/Yellow Layer                                 Class IV Cookies (1/2 dozen)                           Class VI Quick Bread
Lot 11 Pound (Plain only)                   Lot 1 Bars/Squares                                            Lot 1 Banana Bread
Lot 12 Pound (variety)                         Lot 2 Brownies                                                    Lot 2 Biscuits – ½ doz.
Lot 13 Upside Down Cake                                Lot 3 Drop                                                            Lot 3 Coffee Cake
Lot 14 Miscellaneous                          Lot 4 Molded/Shaped                                        Lot 4 Cornbread or Sticks (1/2 doz)
 Lot 5 Pressed                                                     Lot 5 Muffins
Class II Cake Decorated                    Lot 6 Refrigerated                                              Lot 6 Pumpkin Bread
Lot 1 Special Occasions                    Lot 7 Rolled                                                         Lot 7 Squash/Zucchini Bread
Lot 2 Characters                                  Lot 8 Miscellaneous                                           Lot 8 Miscellaneous
Lot 3 Cup Cakes (1/2 Doz)
Lot 4 Wedding/Anniversary                Class VII Yeast Breads
Lot 5 Birthday                                        Lot 1 Coffee Cake                              Lot 4 Sweet Rolls/Doughnuts (1/2 dozen)
Lot 6 Miscellaneous                           Lot 2 Loaf (variety or white)               Lot 5 Miscellaneous
                                                                 Lot 3 Rolls (1/2 dozen)

Home Arts

Superintendent: Melanie Thomas – Gail Elledge –Thirza Bremer
1. Entries in the home arts division are open to all professional and non-professional, adults, youth and the exceptionally challenged.
2. Only articles fitting the description listed in this premium book will be accepted for competition and awarded premiums & ribbons.
3. All articles displayed must be the work of the individual exhibitor. Articles bought or borrowed will not qualify.
4. No articles will be accepted for judging that have previously been exhibited at the Baker County Fair.
5. All entries must be clean and in good condition and must have been completed within the past twelve months.
6. No two (2) entries in the same lot will be accepted from one individual.
7. Judged divisions will be as follows: (YD) Youth Division – All youth participating must be 8 years old by September 1, 2009 to receive premium. Youth age 7 and
under can participate, however they will only receive a participation certificate and one dollar premium. (AD) Adult Division – open to all nonprofessional entrants 19
and older. (EC ) Exceptionally Challenged – This division is open to anyone who is physically, mentally or emotionally challenged. (PR) Professional Division – open to
all professional entrants 13 and older.
8. A Best of Class ribbon may be awarded at the discretion of the judges. The Best of Show for each division will be chosen from Best of Class winners.
9. Judging will take place on Thursday, September 29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The public will not be allowed in the building at this time. Competent judges will be
provided and their decisions will be final.
10. Entries must be brought to the fairgrounds for registration during scheduled hours ONLY. Entries will be accepted Tuesday, September 27, 2011 from 12 p.m. to 7
p.m. and Wednesday, September 28, 2011 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. All baked goods and candies will be accepted Wednesday, September 28 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
11. The Fair Assoc. will assume NO responsibility for the damage or loss of articles exhibited. Reasonable care will be exercised to safeguard the articles left for display,
but the Fair Assoc. will in no way be liable.
12. Any article not claimed at the appropriate time for pick-up will become property of the Baker County Fair Assoc. Pick –up time will be Sunday, October 9 from 1
p.m. - 5 p.m. ONLY. Any items left after the appointed time will be donated to charity.
13. Any items picked up before appointed times will not receive their premium for that item(s).
14. See specific rules for all divisions.

Class I – Ceramics
Lot 1 Gloss Glaze
Lot 2 Matt or Stain Glaze
Lot 3 Hand Molded/Cast
Lot 4 Combination Glaze
Lot 5 Underglazed
Lot 6 Stain
Lot 7 Overglazed
Lot 8 Porcelain
Lot 9 Miscellaneous

Class II – Flower
Lot 1 Sprays
Lot 2 Wreaths
Lot 3 Table Arrangements
Lot 4 Holiday
Lot 5 Wall Hangings
Lot 6 Miscellaneous

Class III –Handmade Toys
Lot 1 Animals
Lot 2 Doll Clothes
Lot 3 Dolls
Lot 4 Wood
Lot 5 Miscellaneous

Class IV – Holiday Crafts
Lot 1 Arrangements
Lot 2 Linens
Lot 3 Tree decorations
Lot 4 Figures
Lot 5 Wreaths
Lot 6 Miscellaneous
Lot 7 Miscellaneous
Class V – Jewelry
Lot 1 Necklace
Lot 2 Bracelet
Lot 3 Earrings
Lot 4 Set
Lot 5 Hair Pieces
Lot 6 Miscellaneous

Class VI – Painting
Lot 1 Oil
Lot 2 Acrylic
Lot 3 Mixed Media
Lot 4 Watercolors
Lot 5 Graphic – Color
Lot 6 Graphic – Black &
Lot 7 Pastels
Lot 8 Miscellaneous

Class VII – Photography
Lot 1 Color
Lot 2 Black & White
Lot 3 Dimensional
Lot 4 Miscellaneous

Class VIII – Stained Glass
Lot 1 Suncatchers
Lot 2 Night Lights
Lot 3 Wall Hangings
Lot 4 Windows
Lot 5 Boxes
Lot 6 Lampshades
Lot 7 Weave
Lot 8 Miscellaneous
Lot 9 Birdhouses
Class IX – Wood Working
Lot 1 Furniture
Lot 2 Toys
Lot 3 Models
Lot 4 Plaques - Carved
Lot 5 Plaques - Burned
Lot 6 Home Furnishings

Class X – Drawings
Lot 1 Pen
Lot 2 Pencil
Lot 3 Charcoal
Lot 4 Miscellaneous

Class XI – Gourd
Lot 1 Toy
Lot 2 Holiday
Lot 3 Home D├ęcor
Lot 4 Miscellaneous

Class I – Infants & Toddler Wear
Lot 1 Dress
Lot 2 Playsuit
Lot 3 Jacket
Lot 4 Skirt
Lot 5 Shirt
Lot 6 Sleepwear
Lot 7 Suit
Lot 8 Miscellaneous

Class II – Ladies & Girls
Lot 1 Girl’s Dress – Casual
Lot 2 Girl’s Dress – Dressy
Lot 3 Coat or Jacket
Lot 4 Blouse
Lot 5 Vest, Cape, Poncho
Lot 6 Formal Wear (i.e., Wedding)
Lot 7 Dress
Lot 8 Jumper
Lot 9 Suit
Lot 10 Skirt
Lot 11 Slacks, Shorts
Lot 12 Gown, Robe or Pajamas
Lot 13 Slip
Lot 14 Slippers
Lot 15 Miscellaneous

Class III – Men & Boys
Lot 1 Sports Coat
Lot 2 Suit
Lot 3 Trousers or Shorts
Lot 4 Robe, Pajamas, Slippers
Lot 5 Tailored/Western Shirt
Lot 6 Miscellaneous

Class IV – Clothing Accessories
Lot 1 Hats, Gloves, Scarves
Lot 2 Pocketbooks
Lot 3 Ties or Belts
Lot 4 Other –Accessories

Class V – Needlework/Crocheting
Lot 1 Baby Afghan
Lot 2 Large Afghan
Lot 3 Small Afghan
Lot 4 Lap Robe
Lot 5 Bedspread
Lot 6 Tablecloth
Lot 7 Doilies, Mats, Potholders
Lot 8 Edging (Pillowcases, towels,
scarves, etc)
Lot 9 Coat – Poncho
Lot 10 Infant Sets
Lot 11 Cape
Lot 12 Shawl
Lot 13 Vest-Man, Woman, Child
Lot 14 Sweater – Man, Woman, Child
Lot 15 Accessories – Gloves, Handbag,
Scarves, Hats, Slippers
Lot 16 Dress
Lot 17 Blouse
Lot 18 Holiday
Lot 19 Miscellaneous
Class VI – Knitting
Lot 1 Baby Afghan
Lot 2 Large Afghan
Lot 3 Small Afghan
Lot 4 Infant Set
Lot 5 Cape-Poncho
Lot 6 Shawl
Lot 7 Vest-Man, Woman, Child
Lot 8 Sweater- Man, Woman, Child
Lot 9 Accessories – Gloves, Handbag,
Scarves, Hats, Slippers
Lot 10 Holiday
Lot 11 Miscellaneous

Class VII –Home Furnishings-Linens
Lot 1 Bedspread
Lot 2 Tablecloth, Lunch Set
Lot 3 Tablecloth, Counted Cross Stitch
Lot 4 Tablecloth, Embroidery/Liquid
Lot 5 Tablecloth, Holiday
Lot 6 Pillowcases
Lot 7 Towels
Lot 8 Scarves, Placements

Class VIII – Rugs
Lot 1 Hooked or Braided
Lot 2 Novelty Method
Lot 3 Holiday
Lot 4 Miscellaneous

Class IX – Pillows
Lot 1 Counted Cross Stitch
Lot 2 Crewel
Lot 3 Embroidery/Liquid
Lot 4 Fabric
Lot 5 Latchhook
Lot 6 Needlepoint
Lot 7 Miscellaneous

Class X - Miscellaneous
Lot 1 Embroidery or wearing
Lot 2 Painting on apparel
Lot 3 Weaving
Lot 4 Loomed
Lot 5 Counted Cross Stitch
Lot 6 Miscellaneous
Lot 7 Quilling

Class XI – Quilting
Lot 1 Applique
Lot 2 Crib/Juvenile
Lot 3 Dyed, Painted
Lot 4 Embroidered
Lot 5 Free Form
Lot 6 Group
Lot 7 Machine Appliqued
Lot 8 Machine Quilted
Lot 9 Mixed Technique
Lot 10 Novelty
Lot 11 Pieced
Lot 12 Printed
Lot 13 Kits
Lot 14 Sampler
Lot 15 Scrap Bag
Lot 16 Tied
Lot 17 Traditional Design
Lot 18 Miscellaneous
Lot 19 Hand Quilted

Class XII–Miscellaneous Quilting
Lot 1 Garments
Lot 2 Home Accessories
Lot 3 Pillows
Lot 4 Banners
Lot 5 Non-Bed Covers
Lot 6 Carry All
Lot 7 Miscellaneous

Class XIII – Plastic Canvas
Lot 1 Toys
Lot 2 Table Decorating
Lot 3 Bookmarks
Lot 4 Holiday
Lot 5 Miscellaneous
Lot 6 Tissue Boxes
Lot 7 Wall Hangings
Lot 8 Birdhouses
Lot 9 Baskets
Lot 10 Bags and Totes
Lot 11 Boxes
Lot 12 Planters